Corporate Social Responsibility

Conferact Green Energy is equally responsible for sociality into the Community living around us.

Nowadays, a lot of people think about sociality, but can’t deliver due to lack of time and proper foundation. It is everyone’s responsibility who is stable in their day to day life.

In our community, we feel something which we can deliver in a professional manner. We came up with a plan to do something for society and needy individuals living around us.

Since we are in the green sector business, we provide environmentally friendly products to produce electricity through solar systems to light up the community around us with proper quality and its service in a professional manner.

Since it is difficult for everyone to do something for society individually, we came up with a plan and committed and agreed by all members of Conferact Green Energy to contribute some amount for the needy people.

In our concept, each Conferact customer who will buy green solar energy system from us will be directly contributing to society.

We Conferact Green will be coming with a survey every year and selecting some of the villages/families to fulfil their needs and when we will deliver the project to village/family, Conferact Green Energy will display all the customer names into that location to encourage people to do more and more for society and our People.

Also, we will send a gratitude note along with the project details to every customer who made it possible for us to deliver social responsibilities for society.

There a lot of things to do for society and Conferact Green Energy assures that we will always stand for people in need.